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The UK Tournament Database is aimed at Junior Football Clubs with ages 6 to 16 years. No Adult teams are allowed to enter onto the database.


Reddish Vulcans is an FA Charter Standard Club and we expect every listing to be compliant within the spirit this accolade is intended to promote. Listings using foul, derogatory, defamatory, discrediting, racist or homophobic language will be removed and the club reported to their respective local FA.


Reddish Vulcans JFC and the UK Tournament Database are not responsible for the accuracy of the details listed on this database.


You are solely responsible for management of your listing and under no circumstances can we make any amendments or changes. This is to maintain the accuracy and integrity of your details, however, we do offer email support as and when required.


Please ensure that you are affiliated and / or associated to the club you are listing in the database. Entries listed that have not been officially sanctioned by the club as stated in the listing, will be removed pending further investigation, with the details being passed to the club and their respective local FA.


When entering your club name above, please ensure that it is the full club name (not a sub team name like - Rockets or Vixens etc..). This is so we can check the validity of your entry and establish that you are not a corporate company trying to obtain a free listing.


We occasionally send emails to everybody listing a tournament on the database. These emails sometimes contain adverts from our sponsors, by adding an event, you are agreeing to accept these emails.


By enabling online payments, you agree that you have correctly entered your PayPal Business Email account, you agree to pay all PayPal fees, and you also agree to Reddish Vulcans' fee of £1.50 per booking.




Corporate Entries are not allowed without prior agreement and there is a fee of £30 per entry. Corporate entries include - Non Junior Football Clubs / Profit Making Companies / Professional Football Clubs / Semi-Professional Football Clubs / Local Football Leagues / Local Authorities (Councils) / Sports Trusts / Leisure Companies / Sports Coaching Companies.


Charitable events (including Schools) are still required to obtain permission prior to submitting an entry on to the database. Please send us your full contact details, full contact details of the charity, and if available, the charities registration number.


If you would like to list a corporate entry, please contact marketing@reddishvulcans.com before listing your tournament.


Failure to contact us prior to submitting your entry, will result in your entry being deleted.




Entries from Junior Clubs outside the UK will be considered, please contact marketing@reddishvulcans.com prior to adding your entry.


Entries from Non Junior Football Clubs / Corporate entries outside the UK are subject to an insertion fee of €50, please contact marketing@reddishvulcans.com prior to adding your entry to the database.


Reddish Vulcans retains the right to remove any listing.


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We would be grateful if you could place a link on your website to this database and / or send details of the database to all the teams in your league. We want to get this database circulated as wide as possible, this will help you to fill your tournament and secondly give you the best selection of tournaments in the UK.


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